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Mailing Address:

Navajo Lutheran Mission 
P.O. Box 354, Hwy 191 
One Mission Lane 
Rock Point, AZ 86545-0354


Mission Office:   

(928) 659-4201

Mission School:

(928) 659-4202


(928) 659-4255


Navajo Lutheran Mission

Board of Directors:

Marilyn Kinne, President

Todd Tande, Vice President

George Keiser, Treasurer

Thomas Hoehner, Secretary

Cherylena James

Bobby Yazzie

 Mission Manager:

 Student Sponsorship Program:



Navajo Lutheran Mission Center for Development
 3007 N 73rd Street, Suite F
 Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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P.O. Box 354
Hwy 191
Rock Point, AZ 86545-0354