Mission Needs

The Navajo Lutheran Mission is supported not only by our donors' generous financial gifts, but also by donations of time, materials, and supplies.
We can always use quilts, we often need medical supplies and school supplies, (but please NO BOOKS!).

Since the needs of the community change so frequently, we ask that you please contact the 
Mission Manager at
mission.manager@nelm.org or development@nelm.org , before making a donation. She will be aware of the current needs of the Mission and be able to direct your gift in an efficient and effective manner.

School & Office Supply list   

  • Letter & Legal size file folders
  • Slot organizer boxes
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Binders
  • Desk top organizers
  • Copy paper (white & assorted colors)
  • Card stock paper (white & assorted colors)
  • Hole puncher
  • USB flash drive - 16gb
  • Office Desk
  • Rolling chairs
  • Drawer cabinets


Sports Needs List 

  1. Basketballs
  2. Volleyball jerseys
  3. Volleyballs
  4. Cross country jerseys
  5. Stop watch/printer
  6. Measuring tape/rolotape measuring wheel
  7. Display clock for cross country
  8. Kneepads
  9. First Aid kit for sports
  10. Coach whitstles
  11. Basketball court playmaker clipboards
  12. Score record books
  13. Drill books
  14. Ball cart
  15. Baseball jerseys
  16. Baseball/Softballs
  17. Umpire equipment
  18. Left handed and right handed baseball mitts
  19. Baseball bats
  20. T-ball Equipment
  21. Batting cage
  22. Bases
  23. Batting helmets
  24. Catcher's gear
  25. Marker chaulk for the baseball field