Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission School

The Students

As a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association (ELEA), our Mission School is a private Christian school serving children from Kindergarten to sixth grades. Through the generous support and donations of Christians from all denominations, the Mission School is able to provide children with educational opportunities that complement the classroom curriculum.

When possible, upon registration, each child receives a backpack containing school supplies (including notebook paper, pencils, glue, and crayons) and a personal hygiene kit (including a bar of soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a hand towel). The students often live in areas with limited to no access to electricity and/or water. The Mission addresses this need by providing showers for student use throughout the school year.

The Curriculum

The Mission School is an elementary school serving children in Kindergarten through 6th grade. The students who attend the Mission School come from the surrounding Rock Point area. Starting in 2007, a new curriculum was started including the Navajo culture, health and wellness.

Starting in the 2007/08 school year, a new curriculum was adopted. Core Knowledge is a program that incorporates not only the basics, but also stresses art, drama, music, and health and wellness. 

School Activities

The students take part in more than just study - there are many activities that keep the students involved in important educational issues and community events. Among these activities are:

  • School Fund-raisers

  • Navajo Cultural Events

  • Homecoming and Veterans Day Parades

  • Special Holiday and Birthday Parties

  • Miss Rock Point Mission Pageant

  • Educational Events: Breast Cancer Awareness, Drug and Alcohol Awareness

The students also learn about health and wellness issues, and all receive vaccination and flu shots as necessary. Students also participate in annual eye and dental exams. 

The Sponsorship Program

Scholarship sponsors play a large role in giving Navajo children the opportunity to attend religious education at the House of Prayer, participate in sports and other after school activities, as well as providing transportation to our Mission School. The program is designed to provide each child with a personal sponsor, who writes to the child and sends special gifts when appropriate. The children also write to the sponsor, and often are able to meet their sponsors if they visit the Mission.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, perhaps one of the following options is right for you:

1. Individual Student Sponsorship ($1000 scholarship): Supplements part of the expenses for one student over the academic year (August-May) for their transportation to the Mission School, for religious education at the House of Prayer, and other extra-curricular and after school activities.

2. Class Sponsorship ($3,000 scholarship): Supplements the expenses of a year in school (August-May) for an entire grade-level—transportation, religious education, sports and other after-school extra-curricular activities.

Persons who become sponsors will receive a packet including: a picture of the student, a personalized letter from the student, grade listing, date of birth, clothing size, occasional letters and gifts. We need your support to offer these much needed services for our children!

For further details and a sponsorship form, please contact the Mission Office or contact for more information on the program.