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September 2016, E-Newsletter
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September 2016 E-News

Mission Matters
Lovelea Begay, Mission Manager


Visitors from all over the states and several that have stopped in because they were passing through Rock Point all have something in common. Each individual that stopped in at the Navajo Lutheran Mission were intrigued by the formation of the rocks, Hogan, culture and the People of the Navajo. Everyone with their own curiosity asking unique questions. Cross cultural exchange happens without anyone noticing.


Groups wanting to see firsthand what the mission is all about are given the option to experience a Culture Night during their visit. A culture night includes a presentation or demonstration of artwork by local silversmiths, bead workers, rug, sash and basket weavers, jewelry makers, Navajo culture, language and government enthusiast, moccasin & traditional outfit makers; all bring their work to the table and share stories and knowledge. Each piece of artwork is given from generation to generation and verbally taught, each with their own stories of how they’ve been taught, each with their own stories behind the designs, each with their own way of bringing their artwork to life. Some with prayers and some with songs, every item is blessed to be given to the owner. After the presentation a traditional meal is shared with new friendship stirring over the delicious stew with fry bread or the more popular dish; the Navajo Taco. Local vendors are invited and each one is set up nicely at their own booth selling items from necklaces to woven rugs. In some occasions, groups invite locals to join them for dinner. It’s interesting how sharing of a meal with visitors at the mission seem to be a great way to break the ice.  


Visit our website, fill out the visitation form and the Mission Manager will get in touch with you about possible dates available; and information about visiting the Mission.


Orphan Grain Train has been a great supporter of the Mission and is also very popular. Donations of clothing, shoes, winter or summer wear are boxed and labeled for quick pick-ups by members of the Rock Point Community. Families wait in the Mission parking lot for the truck to deliver the items and as soon as the unloading begins each member of the family starts packing up 10 boxes in their vehicle. The smile on each person taking boxes home for their family reminds us that the Mission is an important part of the community.

This year volunteers helping with the event were given an awesome lunch, a homemade Mexican dish! – a specialty of one of our staff members here at the Navajo Lutheran Mission. Thank you to everyone that plays a big part in making it possible for families to enjoy gifts in boxes sent from Kansas and all over the United States.

We are almost set to go for Our Annual Christmas Quilt giveaway, thank you! (Quilt, knitted beanies and scarf donations are still being accepted)



The Mission that Love Built
Kate Adelman, Executive Director


September is a favorite time of year to visit the Mission. The startup of a new school year brings with it lots of excitement as students find their classroom, learn the routine and dig into their studies. Just think of all the planning and effort that precede the first day of school!


All summer long volunteer teams have assisted staff to complete planned projects that enhance the safety and function of the school and grounds. Teachers have taken classes, new curriculum has been identified and purchased, staff have updated their certifications for bus driving, meal planning, CPR, and custodial practices. Local authorities have instructed all staff on lock-down and fire safety procedures.





These things don't happen without organization, planning, leadership and dollars. Lots of dollars. And none of it can effectively empower a child without love.


What is abundantly clear is that we're all in this together. Here at the Mission our staff goal is to demonstrate our love for the kids by welcoming each other's ideas, trusting one another, enjoying our work and doing our best. Some of you demonstrate your love by volunteering here at the Mission, assisting in the classroom, or teaching VBS. Others of you love through your prayers or encouraging your friends to get involved. Love drives the passion to solve difficult challenges like medical availability - or water and food resourcing. And your generous donations that make it all possible are a gift from a loving heart.


You and I are making this world a better place, one Navajo at a time. We can stop bullying and prejudice and all of the obstacles our little Navajo children will experience with just one tool - love.


We are the Mission that Love built. Sixty-four years ago, Love inspired the relationships we share and the accomplishments that continue to restore life and hope to the Navajo people.


Thank you for your commitment to Navajo Lutheran Mission and the generosity of your love.


Please make a donation today.


  Give a Gift  




Help us strengthen and expand our founding values of education, spiritual formation, community wellness and cultural exchange.



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Want to see into the future? Just look in any classroom at NCPA!


NCPA students are taking the future into their own hands. They are not only focused on the fundamentals of learning, but are gaining first-hand experience on the value of exercise, nutrition, faith conversation and loving service as the pathway to leadership in their community.


Parents and grandparents quickly discover that at NCPA their children have opportunity to apply what they are learning, stretching their minds and hearts to reach for the hopes and dreams of the Navajo people. Family involvement, staff support and teamwork are helping students to use their imagination to overcome challenges and "make it a good day!" (The school motto)




Give a Gift

Please consider partnering with us in the coming year to become
"A Mission With a Mission,"
and impact the lives of the Navajo children and families of Rock Point, AZ.


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