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Visiting The Mission

Each year, a limited number of people may visit the mission. The 5-acre campus includes school classroom buildings, an office building, a school kitchen and dining room, garage building, apartment buildings, a clinic building, school playground, and a church building.

$ 20

Nightly donation

We request a donation to help the Mission with incurred expenses during guest visits.

8am - 5pm

Mission Hours
The Mission is open and welcomes visitors Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.
Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission

We Welcome Mindful Visitors

Please remember, we are a “working Mission”. We are not a summer camp. We encourage our friends to visit us, and request that they do so mindful of the daily operation of the Mission and what is appropriate for the community. Visitors are always welcome to participate in Mission and community activities. The Mission is open Monday to Friday 8 AM – 5 PM. We request all visitors schedule their arrival during our times of operation. Arrivals on Saturday and Sunday must be coordinated through the Mission Office and may incur added expense.

The people commonly called Navajo refer to themselves as “the Diné”. The Diné people are rather modest in dress. We request that you respect their sensibilities and refrain from clothing that is particularly tight fitting or revealing.


Although you may come to feel very close to the people you meet here, please keep in mind that the Diné people typically allow more physical space during conversations and tend to hug only members of their immediate families. Do not be offended if a Navajo person does not look you in the eye, as sustained eye contact can be seen as rude in Navajo culture. When you are uncertain as to what is most appropriate, simply ask.


Rock Point is over 5500 feet above sea level in a beautiful location surrounded by spectacular red-brown sandstone mountains. Visitors may experience allergies or breathing difficulties due to the higher elevation. We recommend coming prepared with allergy medications and/or breathing aids.


​Average winter high temperatures are 44°F with lows around 18°F. Average highs during the summer are 94°F with lows being 59°F.

Cost of Projects

The Mission requests that you raise the funds for any renovation or service projects that you or your group volunteer to do. A current Project List with estimated cost can be emailed to you for your group’s consideration. For more information on projects or scheduling, please contact the Mission Office.​


If you are interested in volunteering at the Mission – either as an individual or part of a group, please contact us.

Culture & Photographs

Although children at the school are fairly familiar with being photographed, adults sometimes prefer not to have their picture taken. It is best to request permission before taking a photograph. If they seem reluctant, please accept that as a no.


Similarly, when traveling near the homes of the Diné, please be sensitive to the fact that their hogans/houses are places they live, and not meant to be tourist attractions. Please respect their privacy.

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