Mission Clinic

Navajo Evangelical Lutheran church

Where it Began

The Mission began its work in Rock Point in 1954, with the building of a small clinic and nurses’ residence. The building was used to attend to patients, house nurses, and even set-up for church services on Sunday’s. As the Mission grew, the small clinic expanded into a 2 bed hospital, and for over 40 years served the medical needs of the community. Thanks to a devoted Nurse, Elsie Benson, who worked at the clinic for over 25 of those years, many people were given needed medical treatment. The building was named Benson Hall after the nurse who did so much for the community.

Navajo Evangelical Lutheran church

Harmonious Health

Today the clinic is operated through a partnership with Tachiinii Nursing Services, Inc. Ivan Jones, Nurse and owner, is a Rock Point resident committed to providing the best possible healthcare for the community.


Because Rock Point is more than 50 miles from the nearest NHS location, the Mission clinic provides basic health care to residents who find it difficult to travel the distance to see a doctor. Services provided by Tachiinii Nursing Services, Inc, include home healthcare, wound care, diabetes and mesothelioma treatment, physical therapy and hospice.  Volunteer doctors may also be available on a scheduled basis.


Licensed nurses  and nursing assistants work with the community in planning health fairs and workshops, distributing health education materials and working with community representatives in determining health needs of the community.


Give Today

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