Navajo Christian Preparatory Academy

Private Christian Education for K-3

The Navajo Mission Preparatory School provides a focused education program to equip local children with early learning language, reading, science, and math skills. Certified teachers and qualified classroom assistants assess and guide students to achieve goals for success and offer opportunities for parents to help their children accomplish their learning goals.

Through the generous support of donors, the Arizona Christian School Tax Credit Organization (link to, an active Education Advisory Team, and congregational partners across the US, the Mission School exceeds local standards as the premier early learning school in the area.

Guiding the Leaders of Tomorrow

Curriculum and Activities

Navajo Mission Preparatory School curriculum meets all educational requirements provided by the Arizona State Education Department. All classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards, Google Classroom access, a reading library, and each student has a tablet for homework. Food service is monitored by state standards and students receive the benefit of a nutritionally balanced breakfast and lunch. New student transportation vehicles operated by trained drivers insure safe and reliable transportation.

Along with a busy classroom schedule, students participate in a variety of activities that teach Native culture, social skills, hygiene, and allow for creativity and specialization. These activities include: 

You can equip Navajo children with a life-giving spiritual education at House of Prayer

Sponsor an individual child or an entire classroom and give the gift of Christian education!