Can you help us fulfill the Mission Wish List?

Mission Needs

Rock Point Mission is over two hours aw

Navajo Lutheran Mission is supported not only by our donors’ generous financial gifts, but also by donations of time, materials, and supplies.

Given that the nearest Wal-Mart is two hours from the Mission, it is no surprise that the Rock Point Mission community has what amounts to a “standing needs list.” Generous individuals who support the Mission and the wider Rock Point community by addressing any of the items on our standing needs list make a outsized impact. Thank you for considering the needs below!

Can you help us with any of our Mission needs?

Please enter your information below if you are interested in sending/ordering any good for the mission. Mission staff will get back to you promptly to coordinate your donation of goods!

Sporting Goods

After-school sports are extrememly popular among Mission youth and offer an opportunity to practice the healthy living that the Mission encourages. Involvement in our after-school sports activities is high, and the need for sports equipment is significant!

School & Office Supplies

NCPA teachers regularly create a book list based on the requests of their students or their classroom needs. Please contact the Mission Office to receive the most recent list. Please do not send used books without prior approval. Other needs include:

Help Us Continue Our Ministry of Love and Care

We believe that love and care create community, and we are committed to partnership with the Navajo people in our ministry of caring for one another.