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Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission

Proclaiming and Practicing the Love of Jesus

The Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission (NELM) Inc. humbly serves the Navajo community of Rock Point, AZ. Every day, our 100% Navajo staff feed the hungry, prioritize Christian and cultural learning, focus on community engagement, and work towards fulfilling basic community needs. In our spiritual and social work, we strive to embody and teach the grace of Jesus and listen to the call of the gospel to serve one another in love.



Roughly 2,000 Navajos live in Rock Point



It is roughly 50 miles to the nearest grocery store


Houses with no Internet

Internet connectivity is not abundant in Rock Point


Houses without running water

Less than 40% of the homes in Rock point do not have running water.

Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission

Humbly Serving Since 1955

For 65 years, Navajo Lutheran Mission (better known locally as Rock Point Mission) has partnered with the Navajo people to be an outpost of love and hope. Every day, the 100% Navajo staff feed the hungry, prioritize learning for grades K-6, and focus on fulfilling basic community needs.

Spiritual Leadership

House of Prayer is the heartbeat of the Mission, serving the Rock Point community as a center for spiritual learning and cultural dialogue.

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness is a central focus of the Mission. At the Mission School, all students receive vaccinations and flu shots. Students also participate in annual eye and dental exams.

Christian Education

The Mission School provides local children with faith-based learning that complements the classroom curriculum. ​

Mission Clinic

The Mission clinic offers basic healthcare to those who cannot travel the distance to get medical care at the nearest IHS location.

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Embracing tradition and forging a new path

Seeking a Future of Hózhó

What is “hózhó”? Hozho defines the essence of Navajo (or Diné) philosophy. It encompasses beauty, order, and harmony, and expresses the idea of striving for balance. A future with Hozho is the vision for our work in Rock Point and we invite all visitors, donors, congregants, and more to join us on this journey.

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