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Sponsor a child or classroom

Generous donors who choose to sponsor an individual or classroom help ensure that Navajo youth are exposed to religious education and individual development.

Sponsor a child or an entire classroom 

Scholarship sponsors provide Navajo children with endless opportunity. Whether it is the opportunity to obtain religious education at the House of Prayer, to participate in sports and other after school activities, or to have reliable transportation to our Mission School, the opportunities that school sponsors provide are unlike any other opportunities in Rock Point.


The sponsorship program is designed to match each child with a personal sponsor who writes to the child and sends special gifts when appropriate. The children also write the sponsor and often are able to meet their sponsors if they visit the Mission. There are two ways to sponsor:

Sponsors will receive a packet including: a picture of the student, a personalized letter from the student, grade listing, date of birth, clothing size, occasional letters and gifts. We need your support to offer these much needed services for our children!

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Help Us Continue Our Ministry of Love and Care

We believe that love and care create community, and we are committed to partnership with the Navajo people in our ministry of caring for one another.